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Whether one very special piece of fine art, a child’s first drawing, an entire collection for an office tower or plant, recognition awards for the staff or VIP’s, or a shadowbox collection of great grandma’s possessions, we thoroughly enjoy the process of conception through completion.

We maintain an active and constantly evolving collection of design tools on hand — thousands of frame moulding samples, matboard, specialty paper and fabric selections used in framing — along with a rich mental catalog of ideas for applying them to your art.

Our goal is to enhance, not overpower, the art.  To bring the eye from the outside of the frame to the focal point within the art.  To tie diverse pieces in a collection together.  And to do it all at a cost that fits your budget.

We work by appointment.  So give us a call to schedule a time just for you!  509.939.0153

Our collection of design tools includes the following:

Frame Styles:

  •     Hand wrapped, hand finished and tooled Custom Leather Frames.
  •     Custom carved, hand gilded 12kt (white gold), carat Gold Leaf Custom Frames.
  •     Hand carved custom furniture finish frames, traditional to contemporary.
  •     Architectural salvage frames in wood, tin and copper.
  •     Hand cut, welded and finished steel frames, sleek to rustic.
  •     Metal leaf standard-sized gallery frames for artwork and mirrors.
  •     Thousands of quality length molding options for cut-to-size frames.
  •     Value-based wood, extruded metal, extruded plastic and foil-wrapped MDF.

Mats, Liners and Fillets:

  •     Museum and Conservation grade matboards.
  •     Wood and Matboard based liner stock.
  •     Hundreds of Fabrics to wrap mats, bevelboards, liners.
  •     Designer and decorative matboards.
  •     Hundreds of fillets and small mouldings for use inside the frame package.
  •     Extensive array of mat enhancement techniques.

Glazing and Art Protection:

  •     Anti-reflective and museum glass (highest UV protection available).
  •     Ultraviolet filtering float glass and acrylic in clear and low-reflective.
  •     Abrasion resistant acrylic in clear and low-reflective.
  •     Acrylic boxes, pedestals.

Many Mirror Possibilities:

  •     Custom sizes and shapes.
  •     Thousands of frame widths and depths available.
  •     Bevels in a variety of widths.
  •     Silvered, bronzed, smoked and other reflective tones available.

Plus the tools and skills necessary to make it all work together for you!

  •     State of the art design studio.
  •     State of the art production facility.
  •     More than 20 years design and production experience.
  •     Certified by the international Professional Picture Framers Association.
  •     Founding member of the industry standards organization (FACTS).