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Art Search

Our partner, Lieberman’s Gallery, is a wholesaler to the art business who has cross-indexed hundreds of thousands of images from nearly every major publisher worldwide into the industry’s leading SEARCH ENGINE.

You may search here by:

Most of the images presented here are open and limited edition prints, and can be ordered on canvas as well as on paper.  If fact, many may be crafted as tapestries!

Once you find what you are looking for, jot down the alphanumeric code for each piece in which you are interested and call us at 951-676-5898.  We’ll take care of the rest! (You could email us your credit card number, but we strongly suggest that we take that information telephonically).

If we don’t have the print or artwork you’d like in stock, we’ll bring it in for you.  It normally takes us a few days to receive your selection, but we will keep you apprised via email.

Thank you!

OK.  Get ready to . . . SEARCH NOW!  

Then call OR email us with your order!  951-676-5898


Art Sources

Here is a short list of art sites that covers a broad spectrum of the kinds of artworks available.  We have chosen them because they represent a wide range of possibilities, are known and highly reliable sources for us, and their sites are relatively easy to navigate.

Our Gallery pages are still under construction.  We have uploaded some beautiful tapestries similar to the ones we have collected while on our annual Peruvian expeditions!

Sophisticated design demands the use of Mirrors to reflect the mood of a room or a view.  Mirrors add space by adding interest, reflecting the best elements of how you live.  Using a specially tinted glass in the manufacture of the Mirror can alter the color of the room in reflection, changing the attitude of the space as well.

Remember, you can always search for just that perfect piece of art in our Search Engine!