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Helpful Hints for Hanging Art

For a good, but non-technical illustrated discussion of the WHY’S of placement, visual WEIGHTING, and ASSEMBLAGES of art, go to WHERE TO HANG ARTWORK!

Plan your installation.

  1.     Choose the primary piece for your wall first.
  2.     Lay it, along with other possible pieces you wish to include on the floor.
  3.     Establish by ruler on the floor the boundaries of the space you wish to see occupied.
  4.     Move the pieces around to make a pleasing collection.
  5.     Balance is achieved by weighting, vertical counterpoint to vertical, and so forth.
  6.     Balance is also affected by color and intensity of the image as well as the frame.
  7.     Play with it.  Have fun!  Doing the layout on the floor first.  It saves walls!!
  8.     When it looks good on the floor, it’s time to get it up on the wall!

Layout the Artwork on the wall.

  1.     This is usually a two-person job.  Get some help!
  2.     Place the focal point of the principal piece at eye level.  Five feet is a good start.
  3.     Eye level may be lower in a room where most occupants will sit most of the time.
  4.     It may need to be higher in a room with very high ceilings, in entries or hallways.
  5.     A balance, usually not equidistant, between the ceiling line and furniture is desirable.
  6.     Hold up the principal piece where you think it should go and get an opinion.
  7.     Once correct, make a small pencil mark on the wall at the top center of the frame.

Determine location of the wall hangers.

  1.     Frames that have wire always should be installed with two hangers.
  2.     Two hangers keeps the art much more stable — especially in earthquake country!
  3.     Place frame face down on the floor.
  4.     Measure the distance between the points where the wire connects to the frame.
  5.     Take one-half of that measurement, lay it on the wire, and hold each end.
  6.     Pull the wire taught at those two points.
  7.     Measure distance between those two points and the top of the frame.
  8.     Use that measurement to determine where the hangers will be placed.

Hang your Art . . . With Caution!

Transfer these dimensions to the wall and hang the first piece!  Be certain that you place the wall hangers directly behind the D-RINGS if your artwork or mirror comes with them instead of wire.  The wire is omitted for a reason, so don’t add wire if it is not supplied with your artwork!

 If there are a lot of pieces of the same size, make a template of cardboard.  It will really help you to visualize and will save you time!

Happy Hanging!  Enjoy your newly installed artworks!!