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Best in Art & Framing Services Since 1993!


Artist Touch Art & Frame Studio has been delivering unique and comprehensive art services to designers, corporate customers and discerning individuals since 1993.

  • Whether one artistic centerpiece or a full production run, our company specializes in providing you just the right art for your home, office, plant, restaurant or medical facility.
  • Art selection should be fun, and the completed project uplifting to coworkers and customers alike!
  • We carry thousands of prints in stock as well as offering online and print access to virtually millions of images from around the world. Our job is to help narrow that broad perspective into a collection that works especially well for you.
  • We are among some 3000 worldwide who have been certified to handle rare and special works of art by the international certifying body.  
  • Our goal?  To be your art resource.  We’re excited to work with you!    

 Thanks to all of you, we had a wonderful & successful first

Studio Warehouse Show and Sale.

IMG_9481 - Artist Touch Studio 14     IMG_9477 - Artist Touch Studio 16    
        IMG_9503 - Artist Touch Studio 13 -2 (1)     IMG_0621      

We debuted the  

Encaustic Artworks of   

Susan Burns   

Dualin' 'dos!


And showed a new collection,  

“Works of Art on Paper”      

by  Edward W. Gilmore   

Head shot of Ed

 Our artist friends were fortunate to each sell numerous pieces, bolstering their careers and confidence as we move into a recovering market.

And last week we introduced the hand made prints and paintings on fine

watercolor paper of recent California transplant 

Bob at work play three part image

 Bob Otto!

Thank you.                             


Don & Bette Endresen



Whether designing the perfect presentation for that one very special piece of fine art  — or an entire collection for an office tower or plant — we apply creativity and efficiency to meet your design as well as budgetary needs.


We see our job as one that entails becoming your guide in narrowing the field of required decisions. This is usually an informal process, using conversation and visual aids to develop a sense of what appeals and fulfills personal or corporate needs in terms of image or personal impact.


Professional art installation is the finishing touch. It is as much about balance, design and good taste as it is about technique. Not to say that technique is not important. It certainly is. The right tools and technical skills allow the artwork to be installed safely and securely.